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Enhanced Benefits

Dear Renaissance Health member

Good news!

Enhanced benefits
As you know, Renaissance Health Medical Aid Fund is a not-for-profit Fund and whenever possible we improve benefits to all members on the Fund. Founded on the improved financials on the Fund, we are able to offer you several benefit improvements on the 2014 Product structure.

The following benefit improvements were approved by our Board of Trustees in order to benefit you as a Renaissance member:

Multi-vitamins, herbal & homeopathic medicine:
These medicines and supplements can now be claimed from your OTC (over-the-counter) benefit with a 20% levy to be paid by you. Note that this only applies to products bought at a pharmacy with a nappi code and does not apply to ordinary retail outlets.

Fitness/Gym reimbursements*:
The individual member sub-limits have been removed and family limits will now apply to the gym rebate benefit. This means that if only one member in a family uses the gym rebate, that member can claim the full amount allowed under the family limit.

HIV levy / Co-payment on HIV medicine*:
The levy for HIV medication is now 10% of the value of the prescription with a maximum of N$50 co-payment per prescription. This means that members using HIV medication will only have a maximum co-payment of N$50 on their medication script.

Important note
Please verify your sub-limits according to the Option which you selected on, to know how the benefit improvements affect you, more specifically.

I trust that this will support our commitment to you as members in investing in your well-being.
Yours in good health

Sonja Malan
Principal Officer:  Renaissance Health Medical Aid Fund

*Please note that these benefit enhancements are subject to Namfisa approval.



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Renaissance Health Medical Aid Fund
First aid... if you get a blood blister put a cloth on it and ice on top of the cloth to reduce the swelling. Do not pop it. Use an antibiotic or antiseptic cream. Watch out for signs of infection and see a medical professional if it does get infected.
2014-04-23 05:49:30
Renaissance Health Medical Aid Fund
We stand against GBV in any form. If you see an incident, call the police immediately and shout for help. You could help to save a life.
2014-04-22 06:15:00
Renaissance Health Medical Aid Fund
We're ready to help cover you this long weekend if you need it, but we'd prefer it if you stayed healthy and happy. Please drive safe, play safe and stay safe.
2014-04-17 15:58:33
Renaissance Health Medical Aid Fund
The Flu Fighting Force at the coast... these ladies are arranging flu immunisation in Erongo. To date they have dealt with Clutch & Brake Supplies, Namibia Fish Consumption Promotion Trust and the Municipalities of Walvis Bay and Henties Bay.
2014-04-17 13:50:26
Renaissance Health Medical Aid Fund
Quick fitness... If you do decide to buy fitness gear for the home, keep it affordable. Expensive equipment won't make you fit, but the workout will.
2014-04-17 05:10:01